About Us

Tsunami Aquatics is a local fish store that specializes in quality tropical fish, aquatic plants, fish foods and supplies.

All fish are quarantined for a minimum of 7 days and won't be sold unless we're 100% confident that they will do well in your aquarium. All fish are kept in dechlorinated Tucson tap water for an easy transition. 

Many of the Corydoras, Plecos/Bristlenose, Angels, Rams and Rainbows have been bred in house. We specialize in hard to find, but also provide quality common species as well, so there's something for everyone! 

Stock is updated weekly so check back often and be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates.

We are an Aquarium Co-op Retail Partner, Pleco Ceramics Distributor, and have our own line of high quality fish foods and botanicals.

Please stop by and check out the store!! Share your experiences with a review on yelp, it helps the store a great deal!

I appreciate the local fish community and look forward to providing you with the quality that I strive for.

Thank you!